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Anthony S. Browne knows the Internet is the perfect marketing system ever developed, and advertising is a powerful persuader. Also, advertising is the most potent and powerful mass marketing and merchandising instrument ever devised by man. Therefore, combing the Internet and Adverting and wisely using this medium can provide extraordinary impetus for consumer buying.

Anthony's perspective is Internet and Internet Advertising are excellent levelers giving easy access to worldwide markets. Thus, benefiting smaller countries and smaller economies in unprecedented ways. Allowing a small business to go global; conquering marketing and shipping and translation barriers.

The Author further states, small business is the backbone of any economy, but it can be ruthless, and competition is intense. Small businesses that hope to be around, long-term are always seeking the best way to hold their own and have a competitive edge.

The Internet, if used properly, can help secure business from all parts of the world. Learn how to expand your reach, via Internet Advertising and reap several economic advantages.

The Author suggests learning how to research online advertising trends and why this is vital for survival and especially in this recession. He also highlights how the Internet is the marketing tool that provides the highest return at the lowest cost.

Anthony recommends getting knowledge of how to harness the two powerful forces, the Internet and Internet Advertising. Using on a small or large scale, learning the principles, concepts, and techniques taught in his book: "Why Internet Advertising is The Global Solution For This Global Crisis" is essential.

He has a remarkable empowering story and knows firsthand statuses, and residence and circumstances would not matter at all. If, one applies what this website and his e-book teach because Internet Advertising is a famous leveler.

Anthony S. Browne born in Barbados and lived in Montserrat and the U.S.A. Graduate of Bernard M. Baruch College, the City University of New York with BBA Degree in Accounting. Also, a heavy concentration in Advertising and Marketing.. An Ordained Minister as of June 12, 1993 following Jesus Christ's model. After 32 years in America. Anthony returns to Barbados where he presently resides with his wife, the former Wendy Franklin.

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