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The online advertising flat rate internet ads has become popular due to some ongoing issues within the pay-per-click community. For example, sometimes false clicks are included in your total click count. There are also customers who surf your site repeatedly via a pay-per-click link, instead of using your web address or saving it to their favorites.

These types of clicks waste your advertising dollar and, as a result, decrease your bottom line. Flat rate alternatives were created because of these inherent problems in the pay-per-click system of advertising.

Instead of paying only when your ad is clicked on, flat rate ads are posted at and for a certain amount of time. How much you pay will determine how frequently your ad is promoted and how long it is displayed. When you purchase an ad banner, for example, it is often for a flat rate.

The Benefits for Businesses

Small businesses cannot compete with the pay-per-click price set by the many large companies that desire to maintain control of certain key words inside an industry. Now, with flat rate ads, these small businesses have some chance of being seen in the search results, or on the website, because ads such as banner ads are displayed for a certain number of hours per week.

Nearly every method of advertising on the internet can now be obtained at a flat rate. This allows for large companies to buy an ad that runs on a preferred site all the time if they choose, but it also allows the smallest start-up to advertise and capture the target audience on a high traffic site. This highly visible ad is displayed for a flat fee, and the price is not calculated by estimating the traffic or guessing at the number of hits as is done following a pay-per-click plan.

Getting the Most for Your Money

Clearly this is a more ideal method of online advertising than purchasing click times that can't be controlled or monitored for false clicks.

Of course, all of the methods of advertising on the web are only successful if you market to the right audience. Flat rate ads won't work if they are being run on sites that have limited traffic. Nor will they be any more successful than a pay-per-click campaign if you don't specifically target the group you wish to become customers. If people are not interested in your product or service, you can't sell it. And if you don't market it to the people who do have a need for what you offer, your chances of making a sale are slim.

With an advertising flat rate internet ads, you can market to your desired customers for a reasonable amount of money. This makes it possible for small businesses to take advantage of internet marketing.

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