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You can get cheap online advertising by taking advantage of banner and pay-per-click ads. The internet greatly enhances the ability to get more benefit for every marketing dollar spent. This can be extremely important when you are on a tight budget or just developing your business.

Before the internet, marketers were very limited in terms of the kinds of cheap advertising they could take advantage of and still reach a broad base of targeted customers. They had to mail out advertisements to people on mailing lists, buy expensive newspaper ads or rent billboard space. Television advertising was not affordable for small businesses.

Even after spending all of those advertising dollars, the market targeted was limited to local areas or to whatever names could be purchased from mailing list companies. It was possible to get cheap advertising by speaking at seminars or attending trade shows, but that was reaching a limited number of people too.

Actively Engage Your Customer Leads

The internet offers amazing advertising opportunities for anyone looking for an inexpensive way to advertise and still reach a wide audience. One of the advantages of internet advertising using pay-per-click and banner ads is the fact the user can access a company just by clicking while they are busy shopping. This is a powerful difference between pre-internet ads and the advertisements techniques you can practice online.

In other words, the internet viewer may be shopping for shoes. A banner ad for shoes takes the customer right to an online shoe store. Even better, pay-per-click ads are even more direct. When a shopper does an inquiry online through a search engine, relevant ads will appear. The shopper can just click on the ad that looks the most interesting. Pay-per-click ads are usually only composed of text and a company logo.

Though banner ads can get expensive on some sites, there are plenty of inexpensive opportunities to run these types of ads. Some banner ads are designed with click-through meaning the shopper can click the banner and go right to the site being advertised.

Bring Them Home

Pay-per-click and banner advertising are just two of the inexpensive ways of advertising online. You can also advertise via online newsletters or take advantage of online classifieds. You can also effectively advertise by search engine optimizing your website. But pay-per-click and banner advertising remain two of the most effective advertising strategies for reaching a wide audience.

These cheap online advertising activities bring your potential customers home to your website.

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