Free Advertising
on The Internet
Can Reap Big Rewards


The rise of free advertising on the internet is a phenomenon that continues unabated. In fact, it has become a benchmark for successful businesses.

From the largest corporations to the smallest start ups, taking advantage of free advertising on the internet is a critical component of a successful marketing plan. It does little good to have a website with no traffic. You must utilize all of the free methods as well as choose where and how to spend your budgeted advertising funds wisely.

For example, you can take advantage of opportunities to advertise to your clients using email. Make sure you solicit all of your leads for their email addresses so you can keep your list current and reach as many people as possible with your ads.

Banner ads and reciprocal links often go hand in hand. You can find a website that offers an item or service complimentary to your own and offer to exchange links to generate more hits to both of your sites. Frequently these links are done using banner ads that can be created for free.

Streaming to Success

There are a great many free video sites available to post your streaming videos about your products or services, or you can include a video on your own website. This adds a personal touch which is a great sales tool. You can advertise by creating a series of photos that are set to inspiring theme song, or you can actually do an infomercial and upload that video to be played by your customers for free.

Blogs and online community forums offer great opportunities to attract new customers. You can create a discussion forum that your market niche would be most interested in joining.

Social networking sites offer you the ability to search and befriend people based on location as well as similar interests. These networks are free and depending on how much effort and time you put into networking can bring a lot of traffic to your main website. Many of them allow you to send out ad related emails to all of the people in your network.

There are so many opportunities for free advertising on the internet, and they work best when you take advantage of more than one marketing tool. The large variety of free advertising techniques available offers many great ways to get website visibility and generate new customer leads.

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