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The advantages of internet advertising affiliate programs become very clear when you are running a small online business. An affiliate program works by letting you advertise your products or services on another site, and you get paid a sales commission whenever a sale is made off the link.

It can work the other way around too. You can let other companies advertise on your site, and they pay you a commission whenever you sell one of their products. The commissions can vary from 5-30% depending on what is being sold. For example one popular website that sells books will allow you to sell their books on your site or your books on their site. Either way you choose, the book company will only pay you 10% commission.

Pick Your Link's Home

With an affiliate program there are several ways to offer the products of the parent company. It can be done via a link to their site that appears on your site. The link will set a cookie to remember to record the commission owed you from that IP address. It can also be done so that the customer never knows they have left your page, as the same format is used to offer the other company's products right on your site.

The process is the same for the sale of products or the solicitation of services. The product is irrelevant. It is the process that makes the money. With affiliate marketing you are not responsible for taking any credit cards. This is the significant difference between affiliate marketing and drop shipping programs. With drop shipping, you're responsible for taking payment, and the other company delivers the item or service and you pay them.

Advertising Your Affiliate Program

The affiliate program has proven to be a very successful marketing tool. You can market your program on your website in order to attract other businesses interested in this advertising arrangement. The affiliate program can increase brand visibility on the internet while also improving your sales.

Any good internet advertising affiliate program will offer training and technical support to get you started on the road to success. Once you choose a program you then have to learn how to market your online business to the correct target group of buyers.

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