Internet Advertising Effectiveness
in Current Recession or Economic Downturn

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Are you aware that Internet Advertising Effectiveness is the key to your business success? Would you like to discover, how to recession proof your business or career during this current recession and economic downturn? First look at...

Advertising, The Internet and Future of Advertising

Why Advertising? Advertising fulfills a basic need that can be traced back for as long as men have bought and sold. The presentation and promotion of ideas, goods, or services.

Advertising is the powerful persuader whether consciously or subconsciously; advertising affects all of us! Why businesses spend billions of advertising dollars every year? They don’t spend that money because they think advertising might work; they know it works!

And that is why advertising is big business, very BIG business.

Why the Internet? The internet is universally accepted as the world's most sophisticated, interconnected database. In addition, it also one of the most perfect marketing systems ever developed; more measurable, more accountable and also less expensive than traditional media.

Why internet advertising is the future of advertising? Well, what do you get when you combine advertising- the powerful persuader; with the Internet- the most perfect marketing system? The superior industry internet advertising and your key to survival.

Internet Advertising Effectiveness in This Recession and Economic Downturn

What is the consensus about internet advertising effectiveness during a recession or an economic downturn? Should you advertise? What are your benefits?

Get some insight from media chief executives, internet advertising consultants and leading online advertising research studies and publications:

1. Why continue internet advertising in a recession?

“In recession times, it is quite good to continue to advertise because it is an opportunity to take market share.” —Patrick Stahle, chief executive, Aegis Group’s Aegis Media Asia-Pacific, as quoted in the Wall Street Journal, October 20, 2008."

2. Why media budgets favor internet advertising and online advertising spending during an economic downturn?

“In a downturn when your ad dollars get restricted, you move them into areas that are more direct and measurable.” —Ashutosh Srivastava, chief executive, WPP Group’s Mindshare Asia, as quoted in the Wall Street Journal, October 20, 2008."

3. Why Internet advertising is the advertisers' wise decision during a recession and economic downturn?

“There’s a focus on efficiency during these leaner times. Advertisers are putting more concentration on maximizing direct response. The Internet is the most efficient direct response machine ever invented.” —Guy Phillipson, chief executive, Internet Advertising Bureau UK, as quoted in ediaWeek, October 7, 2008."

4. What is the forecast for traditional media versus online advertising and why?

“Life is going to be quite difficult for traditional media as the temptation in downturns is to cut marketing budgets.” —Sir Martin Sorrell, chief executive, WPP Group, as quoted in MediaWeek, October 7, 2008."

"The media budget slashing is expected to fall heavily on traditional media such as newspapers, radio, broadcast television—and even consumer magazines. Comparative Estimates: US Advertising Spending Growth for Select Media, 2008 & 2009."

5. What consumers want in this recession and economic downturn and why?

In a study conducted by OMD, a media agency under the Omnicom umbrella, 81% of consumers surveyed said advertisers need to continue to communicate about their products during a recession.

“We want to help consumers be certain they’re making smart choices when every dollar they earn counts.” —A.G. Lafley, chief executive, Procter & Gamble, as quoted in The Wall Street Journal, October 15, 2008."

The source for the foregoing quotations: The White Paper “Digital Marketing Now: Seven Strategies for Surviving the Downturn; By CEO Geoffrey Ramsey eMarketer Inc. November 2008.”

Internet Advertising Industry
Will Continue to Grow

When you closely examine and analyze the foregoing, two main points become evident for business success (1) The Internet Advertising Industry experiences continued growth despite economic hard times. (2) Why advertising lead making money online.

So what you have to do? Find cost-efficient alternatives, get advertising for free online, use advertising email marketing online, keep consumers informed, mount an effective online advertising campaign, and remain abreast of trends in online advertising and saving on internet advertising costs.

Please go Sitemap and benefit from the information on those various topics. Why? First, each one individually and collective contributes to Internet Advertising Effectiveness in this recession and marketing in a downturn economy.

Second, recession or no-recession Internet Advertising is one the fastest growing industries in the history of commerce. Online advertising is projected to hit $147 billion by 2012. So one cannot ignore the role internet advertising effectiveness on career or business success.

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