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Typical internet advertising for lawyers consists mainly of a collection of attorneys by state. Some are listed on "referral" sites. Where a website group attorneys by specialties, and work like a search engine or an advertising site. Making it easy for clients and lawyers.

For example, the potential client lists keywords in the search window form. If the words were "divorce attorney Tennessee", the results would be a list of all attorneys that handle divorce in the state of Tennessee. The prospects can then choose their preference.

This has been internet advertising because, typically, these listings are ad based and charge very little to add your name to their list. Some people may not even know they are on some of these referral websites because the names were obtained from phone directories.

In addition, there is even a directory that lists lawyers and law firms by country worldwide. With this service the lawyers the law firms and you all benefit. You can beat that advertising for lawyers and making lawyers stay ahead of the game can you?

Staying Ahead of the Game

As more and more people became comfortable with the internet and "Google" became a verb, attorneys have developed their own home pages to take advantage of all the potential traffic.

These attorney websites have grown from mere ads with a phone number and email link to interactive 24-hour live agents. That is the high end version of an attorney website. For instance, the site may offer 24-hour live chat to answer questions after obtaining call back information.

There are the less expensive, online, fill-in-the-form versions that ask the client to enter pertinent contact information and to generally describe their issue in a couple of hundred words. These are then sent to the lawyer's email address for study and safekeeping.

Attorneys can also market locally by including website information on print material that is regularly distributed. It helps with brand identification for you to be known locally. People can now contact you via email, which means new customer leads are generated.

Pay-per-click and search engine optimization are also very effective forms of advertising.

Many attorneys now link their websites to other sites, or purchasing ad space on the referral sites mentioned above, to create a larger more dominant presence on the net.

Recent trends in internet advertising for lawyers include operating blog sites, too. These blogs detail information from the attorney's personal point of view, in many cases, and allow them to provide valuable legal information in order to attract new clients.

Since both clients and lawyers benefit, Internet Advertising for Lawyers is here to stay.

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